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  • What are some other ways that you are horribly behind the times? Still use ATMs to deposit checks? Still send and receive checks?
    I don't get many checks. Maybe one from my Mom for $50 on my birthday, bless her. But if I do get a check I'm not using one of those new-fangled ATMs to deposit the thing, can't trust those ATMs. Rather, Mrs. Meanie goes through the drive-through lane and has the teller deposit it. We write very few checks but if we do write one Mrs Meanie usually writes it out. Hey man, at least I'm not wearing one-piece Gs.

    Huh? What do you do when you're walking your dog, driving to and from work, doing yard work, or signing out endless prostate biopsies?
    I haven't driven to work in over a year but when I did drive to work I generally listened to the radio and very occasionally an Audible book. Never listen to anything while doing yard work or going for walks - I just enjoy the sounds of the outdoors.


    • Originally posted by Northwestcoug View Post
      I hesitate to recommend this episode, because I'm a fanboi and I have a lot of history with Caustic Soda. They came back after ~5 years to do a reunion episode to highlight the terminal cancer diagnosis of one of their regular guests, Greg Bole. He's a professor at UBC who has survived two separate cancers but will not overcome his third. If you've ever heard a Caustic Soda podcast, you know what to expect; funny, interesting, 100% irreverent, and no sacred cows. This one is no exception. Greg and the hosts are completely honest and brutal with the topic of his impending death. It is jarring to hear them making fun of it, but in the end it's cathartic and forces you to think about your impending death, no matter when it is due.

      You may not appreciate it as much as I did, but it's only 2 hours. You can even play it at 1.4x speed if you get bored. But it is interesting:
      Ecco fatto!!! I have been looking for this podcast. This was the first podcast I ever listened to way back in the day and I lost track of it. I tried to find it a while ago but could remember the name and my vague googling wasn’t pulling anything up. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
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      • Originally posted by Sullyute View Post

        Ecco fatto!!! I have been looking for this podcast. This was the first podcast I ever listened to way back in the day and I lost track of it. I tried to find it a while ago but could remember the name and my vague googling wasn’t pulling anything up. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
        Prego! It was one of my first also. I miss those guys.
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        • Forgot about this thread! I have added to my podcast diet since I last posted. I have 'Serch Says,' which is a hip hop centric 'cast from M.C. Serch formerly of 3rd Bass (he has such good stories- he was the guy who signed Nas, after all...), Behind the Baller- a podcast from 'Ben Baller,' who calls himself the 'Forrest Gump of hip-hop' and has amazing stories himself as a former DJ for Def Squad and an A&R guy for Dre's Aftermath label. JB Smoove has a hilarious podcast on Conan's Team Coco network called 'May I Elaborate?' And there's the 'Panducto Quarancast,' where El P from Run the Jewels and his wife force each other to watch movies the other has never seen during quarantine and basically run commentary while they are watching. They are both pretty witty, so it's way more entertaining than it sounds.

          I also listen to 'Return of the Pod,' which is a star wars centric podcast that covers the latest happenings in the star wars universe- like episode recaps from shows like the Mandalorian, the Bad Batch, etc.

          There are a few more I added that I haven't cracked yet, like Mike Birbiglia's podcast, but... I guess I listen to a lot of podcasts!
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          • I've been listening mainly to Smartless. Really good, albeit not kid friendly due to language, depending on the guest. Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes. They have some fantastic guests. The conversation is dominated by Bateman and Arnett, and I suspect Sean Hayes came up with the idea and is useful for inviting good guests, but he plays such a small role in the podcast that you almost forget he's there.

            I also recently started listening to Dax Shepherd's Armchair Experts. Still trying to decide what I think about it.


            • A few I’ve listened to over the last year, many of which came recommended by podcast aficionado HFN:

              True Crime:

              Bear Brook - loved this one. Very well done.

              The Clearing - not as good as Bear Brook, but still good.

              Your Own Backyard - Starts out great. Fizzles a bit at the end, IMO.

              News/Politics/Current Events:

              Against The Odds - stories about survival against the odds. Really enjoyed Season 1. It’s the story of the rescue of the Thai youth soccer team that was trapped in the underwater cave. I enjoyed it so much I listened again with the entire family on a drive to St G and they all loved it. My 9-year old was on the edge of her seat the entire time. Season 2 is just ok.

              Document: This is a series from New Hampshire public radio. Season 1 is ok. It explores the secret list for bad police officers in NH. Season 2 is called “Supervison” and follows a guy as he get out of prison on parole. It’s a bit visceral and raw, and even a bit depressing. But I found it interesting and worth the listen.

              Sports/Pop Culture:
              Whistleblower - Explores the Tim Donaghy reffing scandal. Very good. A just for NBA lovers.

              The Wire Stripped:
              Breaks down each episode of The Wire. Two British blokes are the hosts. They are amusing in their own right, but they also interview a bunch of people who were involved in The Wire: actors, producers, etc. I’ve been rewatching the wire and then listening to the corresponding episode. Very good for people who love The Wire.

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