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BYU Women's volleyball 2020-21

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  • BYU Women's volleyball 2020-21

    Since my daughter quit volleyball, I haven't watched much, but I binge watched the four games on byutv last week. Competition has been inferior, but I am surprised at the lack of significant step down after losing Lake and Miller to graduation and Gneiting to a mission.

    Madi Allen is not Mary Lake, but she's pretty darn close--especially for a freshman. If she keeps working, I think she could be on part with the GOAT BYU libero.

    Taylen Ballard-Nixon is playing better than I expected. Dalton outkicked his coverage here for sure.

    Whitney Bower-I didn't see her play much last year, but for 5'9" (I think she's more like 5'7"), she's playing phenomenally well in a 5-1. I thought for sure they'd go 6-2, but she is athletic enough to help with the block when she's front row. I do worry that against superior OHs, she'll be a defensive liability. Her setting has been nails, and she knows exactly when to dump/attack the ball (as a lefty, she can put a little more juice on her kill than Haddock). I can't say enough good things about her play.

    Kate Grimmer is the biggest upgrade I can see. A lefty opposite who is smart, accurate, and powerful.

    Leilani Dodson, a freshman OH (played MB in high school) has been filling in for two injured MBs. Good on the slide. She's a little short for MB at the D1 level, but she's held her own.

    Tayler Hifo has been unreal as a serving specialist. Like, she gets in the opposing team's head and they don't know what to do with her serve. I think she rattled off four straight aces last match.

    Biggest downgrade from last year are the DSes. Grace Wee is okay. She has some room to improve, and I think she will. Abbey Dayton is getting PT in the back row. She seems like a nice young woman. But I can't think of a team the last five years where she would be playing.
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