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  • Originally posted by frank ryan View Post
    The thing is Eddie, Lee isn't seen as any sort of rival to Trump because while he might have voted against some of his legislative goals some times he never opposed Trump in any meaningful way. Romney voted to impeach the man twice, and Lee compared him to Capt. Moroni. They aren't really close at all.

    The GOP is not over Trumpism or Qanon by a long-shot. Trumpism is still the governing force in the GOP. What a joke, and a national shame. God bless people like Romney and Cheney who put country before party.
    I get it - I understand one was calling Trump a grifter while the other was calling him Captain Moroni. But for people who tend to say they voted for Trump based on what he did and not based on what he said - there's a bit of a disconnect hear them cheer for Lee and boo Mitt when one's voting record supported Trump's agenda and the other's voting record did not.

    For the record - I take failure of the censure of Mitt passing at the Utah state GOP convention as a good sign that the entire GOP isn't driven by Trumpism. Though I acknowledge there is too much Trumpism in the GOP for my liking.