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  • Originally posted by Jeff Lebowski View Post
    My wife takes it frequently. All I know is that tastes terrible. She has to gag it down.
    I’ll probably mix it in with my protein shake
    "Discipleship is not a spectator sport. We cannot expect to experience the blessing of faith by standing inactive on the sidelines any more than we can experience the benefits of health by sitting on a sofa watching sporting events on television and giving advice to the athletes. And yet for some, “spectator discipleship” is a preferred if not primary way of worshipping." -Pres. Uchtdorf


    • Originally posted by Moliere View Post
      Anyone here tried taking collagen on a daily basis?

      I ask mainly because my running has become more difficult month by month. Some of that is the fact I'm getting older but I've also become a lot more sore after some runs and my recovery time seems to get longer and longer. Maybe I'm just old, but I'm starting to not really enjoy running because I struggle to keep a decent pace for 4 miles (especially in the heat) but I also fear the recovery time. I stopped using protein powder a while back because I just ran out and then life got busy...but I ordered some more today and I also ordered collagen to see if that helps as well. I haven't done any research on collagen other than hearing several podcasts that talk about the benefits.
      My understanding is that collagen is just protein, but in a harder to digest form than most. Your body has to break it down into amino acids and then use to build proteins. it can’t convert it directly into usable collagen.