In our Sunday School class that I taught about the second coming of Christ, we talked about how the world would be cleansed at that time. A good brother said there would also be a cleansing of America and that it would be the act of a merciful Heavenly Father. He then expounded on that for a while. I think this cleansing of America is supposed to happen before the second coming. I asked where he's getting his info and he said it was in a Priesthood Manual from the '80s.

This isn't a doctrine I'm familiar with. I researched it on google and Cleon Skousen wrote a book about it. I researched it on the church website and couldn't find anything else.

Anybody ever hear of this? Is it doctrinal or speculative. Is it related to the White Horse prophecy or the thing about how the Elders will save the Constitution. It sounds kind of Ezra Taft Bensony to me.

The lesson next week is on the millenium, and if needed, I would like to clarify or correct the issue.