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Are some LDS nde,s an LDS version of the Family Guy

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  • Are some LDS nde,s an LDS version of the Family Guy

    Susan Freeman worked with the “prophet Chad Daybell”. But told him his books were leading people astray. She had a website we’re here books were published I don’t think it’s up anymore, had epic pregnancy like Betty Eadie and Jesus held her. She had to negotiate with him because she could t leave here children. Husband was truck driver they would be spared out. She argued with Jesus and won.

    had to meet Joseph Smith because he had to shake hands with the person that told the Son of God no. Any people with young children did and the lord doesn’t keep them here. Did she know something he didn’t. If it is time to go ho e you will go home. No negotiating. Prayers on this side of the veil are answered but sometimes the answer is no. Would defeat the purpose of mortality if that were not the case.

    She had dinner with Joseph and ‘Emma and Joseph did back flips. Jesus played games with children. Are there children i the Spirit world? Met Adam and Eve in a garden, Enoch armies of Hellman. Are resurrected people there?

    Chit chatted with Adam and Eve about children. Danced with Jesus and saw him sing primary songs I wonder when he comes again. Is he doing that. Then talked about his wonderful sense of humor. Betty Eadie did too.

    Ralph Jensen had a unsurvivable heart attack but survived and talked about Jesus and maybe Heavenly Father laughing and cracking jokes. When they threw fits.

    Russell gave a talk on visits to prophets here in a conference talk. There joy is full. But could you imagine them joking with Adam, Enoch, Major or, Moses, Nephi and Joseph Smith in the grove and Kirkland Temple when he had to get his message across.

    Freeman saw visions of people going to Zion and Ten Tribes saving them. For those that aren’t High Proests that think the Ten Tribes are hiding somewhere. Brm and one B.h, Roberts debunked stories we heard.

    Freeman visited with the founding fathers who did not drink or smoke and were morally clean didn’t like stories told about them or direction of country. Dallin I think said not to trust nde,s. There temperament is probably cheery. But it’s not like the Family Guy as some people with nde,s say.

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    Grape - What is a "nde,s"? I haven't heard that term before


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      Originally posted by BigFatMeanie View Post
      Grape - What is a "nde,s"? I haven't heard that term before
      I don't want to speak for grape but I think he may be referring to near death experiences.


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        grape you shouldn't watch Family Guy as it's pretty crude, imo.


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          Thanks for the clarification - that makes sense.