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Goodwill industries made its way to Rexburg Idaho at the old d.I.

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  • Goodwill industries made its way to Rexburg Idaho at the old d.I.

    I think di and Goodwill have the same mission. Donate things you don’t need and let people refurbish them and sell them cheap. Training center for people that struggle finding jobs. Teach job etiquette, don’t quit on spot, give notice for days off, don’t slack at work. Take initiative.

    Won’t get fired if you are late once or twice, have morning meetings and etiquette classes. Goals to get out of there. Pay you to be interviewed at other jobs. No job coaches when I worked there. Might be some training but just another job. Will work with people with poor hygiene, tempers, punctuality and the like. May even let someone know when to apply for other job. Though most people check out on there own.

    No longer full time for associates. Most things people donate are not sacrifices. Blessings of more storage space. Not stuff near and dear to them. I never got forklift certified. Gone when could of. Did dump things out in front of donors. Garbage itself. May have pissed co workers off. Who will stop donating because processed garbage is dumped in front of donors? Are people that naive?

    Instead of pursuing bachelors degree worked up there, before Ricks offered bachelors degrees. People calling attention to themselves when it was there turn to offer the prayer. Help us not to judge each other, and I beg you please let this happen, after prayer no one likes me, supervisor doesn’t like ,e. Truck passenger. He went with truck driver later on “to work things out”.

    Goodwill is making it to Idaho Twin and Rexburg. Thrifters up there have more choices. I would say three fourths of the employees at those stores could easily work at other places. They are short handed at times. I’m sure the Rexburg Goodwill employees several Ricks students. Last thrifting I did, went to every thrift store and pawn shop looking for snow board. Found one at Salvation Army.

    I do buy books and dvds off Amazon and send them to thrift stores. I haven’t set foot in those stores for some time though. My story won’t make the di blog. I remember people talking about buying clothes at the di. People can’t buy clothes there if people didn’t buy them at other retailers and wear them out though. Unless they get clothes from outlet stores that are overstocked.

    Favorite memory of working there. Jim Mcmahons byu attitude. Leaving.