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Upcoming High School sports season

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  • Upcoming High School sports season

    Twin or Idaho Falls will win American Legion baseball. After August and before fall practices coaches can’t contact players until practice, the Senators 10 miles north of Swimmer, Cosmo or Cougadad have a player that signed for Michigan. I don’t know if he is that good. A standout from JR Simplots Alma mater left Boise State after an injury and went to Lavell Edwards Alma mater. Not playing there now. Skipped mission too. Teammate of his at JR Simplots Alma mater is.

    had neighbors that commuted to town of Mich recruit when oldest kid started school. He redshirted at Idaho State didn’t play after that. Brother signed at Eastern Washington didn’t play last year and won’t play this year. Going to be bullfighters at rodeos. Said Utah State and Stanford were looking at them. I laughed at that. No way that will happen. Unlikely they will play down of College football anywhere, was the commute worth it?

    our school broke a fifteen year drought with the same three schools winning state championship last year. Will we repeat. Lost a good chunk of talent. Leighton VanderEschs Alma mater struggling to field team. Neighbors might field own that do open before. Christian School in town of Andy Toolson and Deepthroat moved up division. Between Sun Valley and Cratrs of moon town should be competitive still.

    Christian school in town of Kolipolke should of decent football team. Don’t know if charter school there will field football or not. Upcoming school in town of Neil L Anderson, Conner Harding, Taysom Hill and Hodges don’t k ow if football will come there or not. Rocky village may have some talent this year. Girls Jv bb coach almost got kicked out of boys b-ball game in our gym. I wasn’t able to ask principal to show up as I did t do pa for b-ball last year.

    did for football. Maybe be back in basketball. We should have decent football tea maybe win state again, and volleyball and cross country may do ok. How is everyone’s fall sports going to be for High School?

    our conference will Shri k next year unless the state raises limit of d2 back up to 100. Use competitive equity for petitions but may not work for some schools. Heard maybe village of Rocks will play Magic Valley teams instead of Eastern Idaho teams. Either case they spend a lot oaf time on the road again, just can’t wait to get on the road again, bus rides can get old.