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    Originally posted by Uncle Ted View Post

    I drive through Price at least once a year and might stop once in a while for gas. Also, I have a niece that lives there, I think. Other than that I have nothing else to add about Price.

    BTW, welcome Jadesroom.
    I served with a missionary who was from Price. He thought it was a hellhole. I have driven through Price exactly once in my life. I too, have nothing else to add about Price.


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      Like Uncle Ted, I drive though Price at least annually or more when driving from Texas to Provo/SLC. I do have a good story on one of those drives through Price...

      As a BYU grad student, I was engaged and driving with my fiancee on our way to Los Alamos, NM to meet her parents over Christmas break. Leaving Price and going down the canyon, my fiancee kept telling me to slow down but I was driving her car, a Porche 924. It didn't want to go slow. Sure enough, I get pulled over. The officer looks at my Nebraska drivers license, Utah registration, and the following conversation ensues.
      Officer: Is this your car, ma'am?
      Financee: Yes sir. It's my fault, I shouldn't have let him drive my car.
      PBW: I'm just not use to canyons like this, everything is so flat in Nebraska.
      Officer: You don't drive in Utah?
      PBW: I'm a student, I walk everywhere.
      Officer: Any idea how fast you were going?
      PBW: No sir. This car kind of drives fast.
      Officer: I'm going to issue a warning but only if the car owner starts diving.
      PBW: Thank you, sir.
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