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    I mentioned Mormon Chronicle before. A site they teamed up with is Latter day Conservative. I can count the number of times I voted for a de o fat on one hand, am conservative. However that site is the Ron Paul Bo Gritz menatality. I knew people that did not pay taxes they thought unconstitutional. Wanted civil authorities arrested when an elderly mans was arrested for driving with go to hell insurance it is unconstitutional to require it.

    Church does not tell you to obey law no matter what. Used d and c to twist some scriptures saying civil disobedience is justified. Twelfth article of faith room. It to obey government. Dallin had some harsh words to say to people like that.

    One article they had wa
    Hat every Latter Day Saint should know about vaccines then went on how they are bad qouted dead prophets to defend herbs but don’t immunize people, First Presidency recently dont’t mean what they say. M. Russ a few years ago said not to use quack medic e stay in mainstream.

    People did not listen to prophets on public school so silent on issue. Not it is not church doctrine or prophets would tell you. Joel skousenn Is over there.

    I like a lot of Cleons books thousand year series. They are just radical and putting words in most,undead prophets mouth to get a following. People listen to them rather than living prophets.

    Neighbors of ours said church would not tell us what to do with.mark of beast. And they knew. During Bo Gritz run. I would not listen to what they say absent of what people I know have been called say, if they tell us something I will listen.

    The Lord will let matter drop if we don’t take initive. Quote that. But use that to manipulate people into following them i there ideas. We need to take initive, but don’t need to wait for prophet to catch up or ru. Ahead. Just radicals over there I think for the most part,
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