Most of Idaho I think the spectators can show up. No hand shakes before or after game though. Ada Cointy might be t lighter than Madison County. Some Northern Idaho teams it might be tough. Local pa announcer should be able to go to most games still. Maybe this stuff will pass.

He butchered several names mostly Hispanic players of Kory Halls Alma, mater in basketball. Coach of Koreys Almamater corrected him. He had runny nose and made several trips to blow nose then during timeouts. Got a few names wrong of swimmers Neighbors in Snake River canyon who have some mascot as Vernon Laws team.

Village full of Rocks south of AmericanFalls on 86 and not far from town of LDS Governor and Coaching great that coached Wayne Estes, the Utah Stars and finished at BYU Lady b-ball team finally brought home first championship in any sport he may have butchered some of there names as well.

Should be fairly normal for Idaho sports in hs this fall. Besides pa announcer bombing some names in town that has same mascot as D Todd Christoffersons, law Alma mater and coach k. Village of Rocks wanted to play us may meet up in playoffs. Fb coach. Good guy.

Purple cowboys not far from Dick Mottas old stomping grounds Lamintes by Pocatello and town north of city lit by atomic power with same mascot s school whose sole win after coaches intercepted signals following BYU,S NC year was BYU in central Idaho and Christian School in town of kolipoka will be in conference on other side this year.

Not so Christian school in town of Andy Toolson, the Jardines, and deep throat moved up. Not sure if Up and running Christian School in town of Bengals not so great will field football or Charter school in town of Kolipoka,

Elvis Medinas town on hard times so in our league. But eastern portion of aforementioned county that once had nephew of fore mentioned coach moved up. People moving in to eastern part of county of Toolson, hardiness and deep throat,

Sled dogs halfway between Boise and Idaho Falls starting to do ok. Town of Leighton Vanderesch on tough times and not sos Christian school in town of deep throat, Toolson and Jardines won’t win state this year. Will someone besides town near craters of moon on other side of county that Picabo Street grew up win it?

I been to the snowboarders house front door in middle of no were. Had dogs nd horses there. Ferrimond I think is name, hs sports in Idaho will be around this fall.