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Thread: Official Photography Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katy Lied View Post
    In the first series, absolutely the penultimate one.
    If by "first series", you mean the Haystock rock series, then yes, that one has been printed, matted, framed, and hung in the living room.

    Quote Originally Posted by Katy Lied View Post
    In the bird series, I don't know why but if there is a lot of bird poop in the picture, I start feeling pukey.
    I understand the sentiment and previously concretely held the same view, I've slowly started to entertain the idea where it serves an artistic purpose, but I haven't fully convinced myself either.

    Quote Originally Posted by Katy Lied View Post
    And your black and white conversion is fantastic.
    I like stories. This is my oldest daughter carrying her younger cousin on her back. The cousin's family was visiting for a few weeks, they currently live in Barcelona, and previously in Istanbul. We were staying in a beach house in a gated community called Surf Pines (rental courtesy of my in-laws), just north of the small town of Gearhart, Oregon. As soon as we pulled into the neighborhood I told my wife I was ready to move there. Windblown scraggly beach pines with about 600 yards of tall protected grasslands that separate the community from the beach. In most places the grasslands have a rise which obstructs the line of sight from the homes to the beach, which was the rental's only drawback. Second to last night a few of us walked through the grass (each home has a maintained path to the beach) to photograph the sunset. As I headed back, I got to the top of the rise I saw this image in the dusky just past sunset light. Quickly whipped out the camera, didn't check anything and shot 5 images. The camera was set for 1/15 of a second from shooting wide-angle landscapes so I had the 10-18mm lens mounted, but 2 of them came out sharp enough. One I converted to the blur, and the other I cropped to panoramic removing mostly clear sky and then converted to a grainy, moody black and white. I already miss that place, and this captures that mood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katy Lied View Post
    I have the same taste as Pelado
    Most are not courageous enough to admit that.
    "I think it was King Benjamin who said 'you sorry ass shitbags who have no skills that the market values also have an obligation to have the attitude that if one day you do in fact win the PowerBall Lottery that you will then impart of your substance to those without.'"
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