Any well known coaches with ties to the Gem State you can think of? Dick Motta spen5 a stint as b-ball coach at Grace. Read he did not like coaching in cold for football. Did b-ball instead. Never played b-ball in Hs.

Since both bleachers were put in our gym we tipped off with a holiday tournament. Have fed some teams on Friday that came from some distance. Since I became pa announcer I helped myself to the dinner. After other team and our players eat of course. There still is plenty to eat. We had team come from some distance last night had pizza for them.

They played the sled dogs night before so on trip here. Not far from town o& Larry Craig, Matt Paradis and Leighton Vander Esch. In Valley of lovely Garden. Well school not in session, I went to concession before game and they did not have them. Some fans of other school though5 we were concession free. No one for them.

Hoop shoot gives you opt for food if you shoot from there. Or buy the food.

Anyway for tournament one year we hosted school not far from a very Rock6 Village that produced a man that rhymed with Lovell who happened to be named Ladell. Throttled that school. Wonder if he ever played in the village of Rocks?

Two coaches I can think of with Idaho connections that made it big. Leon Rice may be known. Can,t think of others off top of my head that were big.