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Thread: Kickin' some UMass: BYU vs UM game day thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiveCoug View Post
    So, Mcchesney looks not hurt.
    That said, get him outta there. We'll need him next week

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiveCoug View Post
    Correct. Although on cougarboard, some are saying this zip code deception is worthy of temple recommendation revocation. So, BE WARY!
    Quote Originally Posted by Donuthole View Post
    Iím not watching the game, because I donít want to spend $20 and I donít want to risk my eternal salvation. But if BYU isnít exclusively playing its 3rd/4th string by now, then put me back on the fire Kalani wagon.
    I watched the game, saved $20, and don't have to go to the temple. Win, win, win.
    Quote Originally Posted by LiveCoug View Post
    Mcchesney looks fast.
    "I think it was King Benjamin who said 'you sorry ass shitbags who have no skills that the market values also have an obligation to have the attitude that if one day you do in fact win the PowerBall Lottery that you will then impart of your substance to those without.'"
    - Goatnapper'96

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