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And to be honest it is without any real surefire NFL skill players. Perhaps Ty'son Williams. One aspect is I agree with the Johnny Football comparisons for Zach Wilson. I am skeptical Zach will be an NFL qb, but I am similarly convinced he is going to be a fabulous college qb. He has enough athleticism, quick feet, decisiveness and pocket instincts to create a lot of memorable plays the next few years. I really like Grimes.

I wish Sitake could be less emotional but that is just him I suppose. We take the good the energetic and exuberant hugging of the fans along with the failing to just take the damn points and move on. I do think he has a better eye for talent than Mendenhall had. One thing I am learning is that not all 2 and 3 star recruits are alike. BYU looks to me like they are physically matching up better with these elite teams like they did in Mendenhall first few years when he was feasting on much of that talent Crowton recruited.

Funnest 4 hours I have spent at LES ever. I enjoyed it more than I did when Taysom took Texas to the woodshed as IMO this is more a function of the team than just one uber gifted stud.

* edit added- there are some NFL kids on BYU's offense. I think some of the OL will play in the league, Bushman, Williams and perhaps Wilson. I am just saying that the talent level of the kids playing offense is not something that I believe is so rare for BYU and unobtainable that this team is a just lightning in a bottle. I think Zach's playmaking skills might be the most difficult for BYU to consistently find. Next would be Ty'son, but I think BYU has had good runningbacks like him fairly consistently. Not every year but 2-3 of that capability per decade.
To Kalani's credit in the post game he owned the mistake not to take the points. Said he was selfish in fact.