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Thread: Have you ever set foot in a prison?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sleeping in EQ View Post
    You're most welcome to tell jail stories....
    Least exciting - I took a tour of the then "new" Davis County Jail before it opened 30 years ago. My buddy's Mom was the Admin Assistant for the county Sheriff and got us in to look around.

    Next least exciting - we have a ward member who works at the Davis County Jail and who took the YM on a tour. Interesting to see it 25 years later with people in it as compared to when I saw it new.

    I've been in Decker Lake, Salt Lake Youth Detention, and Farmington Bay - all as part of my job 20 years ago as a caseworker for DCFS. I'd have teens who would get in trouble and end up there, or I'd be doing an investigation and have to interview someone there. Miserable places to live.

    Most fun - when I was doing CPS in Tooele, I worked closely with Law Enforcement - both city detectives and sheriff detectives. Some of the cases we worked together resulted in alleged perpetrators being arrested and locked up. There were several times I got to go into the long control room that ran down the center of the cell block (such as it was in the small Tooele County Jail) and chat with the guards there and check out the various inmates. There were a couple of times when some criminal made the news for something particularly bad and they'd point him out to me.

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    Does visiting count? Although I already did my vote so yeah

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