We had some neighbors he coached at local school then when kids got on HS transferred to a different school and is coaching over there so they can be seen by recruiters. Is what I heard. Oldest kid redshirted at ISU he said younger kid has Stanford looking at him. And Utah State. He won.t make the team at Stanford.

At class reunion someone name Smokey name matches personality said that coach was doing camps and tiling kids to come there as Hs freshman out of district. If he did that would be in deep Dutch no high school coach is. Loosed to do that. Camps fine but donlt invite students to come to school there. Now state said if you go out of district of out of feeder if your a private school you need to take a letter to say what contact you had with coaches. No more camps there.

Now for private charter schools. Most charter schools in Idaho donlt do shit in sports. We had an old football coach try coaching there team disbanded then tried for six man. One do
Effector came form Kory halls alma mater we not there than came to our school when football disbanded. A charte school in Idaho falls opened up.

Bishop Kelly may have an advantage, but there are several private small schools in Idaho that do have advantage it seems taking in 5a areas. State talked about making them go to higher classification. Don.t know if that will happen or not.