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Thread: Midnight snacks

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    Default Midnight snacks

    I'm one of those people who doesn't sleep through the night in one continuous eight hour sleep session. I'll sleep three to five hours, be awake for an hour or two, then finally catch up on the rest of my sleep. Usually the best thing to get me back to sleep is some documentary on television with a nice steady voice and no loud or exciting sound effects. If things are going well, I just listen and don't watch. If I'm wide awake I'll watch it.

    So tonight I watched "Fast Food Tech" on Modern Marvels on the History Channel and I ended up really craving a Big Mac or Crunch Wrap Supreme, or some other similar thing that the documentary talked about. I was even tempted to hop in the car and find an all night drive-through.

    But I resisted temptation and tried to figure out what I could have for a late night snack instead. It shouldn't require a lot of preparation, shouldn't have much sugar in it, and definitely shouldn't be anything spicy. I finally settled on a couple of scrambled eggs, which seemed about right.

    What would you suggest as other good midnight snack options?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott R Nelson View Post
    I was even tempted to hop in the car and find an all night drive-through.

    But I resisted temptation
    Good thing you resisted. Not a lot of 24-hour fast food options in Meridian.
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    My go-to late night snack is ice cream or a sleeve of thin mints from the freezer with a glass of milk.

    If I'm craving something not sweet - I can go for a couple of over easy eggs and a couple pieces of toast. Or avocado on toast with chick fil a sauce always hits the spot too.

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    Salmon caviar on a slice of cucumber. Which I then eat egg by egg. #slowfood

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    Usually a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. Recently I’ve been frying up a couple eggs.
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