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    I don,t know if he is still a member or not. If so I don,t know how he has a temple recommend. Choi defines apostasy as teaching doctrine that is not doctrine after being corrected. Some people may stop and others persist and usually lose there membership in the church. We probably all have honest and sincere questions, but I think there is a difference between wondering something and thinking your idea is right.

    His blog links people to Denver Snuffer and Rock Watekan. Another blog is That site gave a few blogs of church being wrong. We should be enemies to elected officials be persecuted. Swk didn,t properly present revelation in priesthood, they won,t have it beginning of millennium were not supposed to u till the end of the millennium since Abels seed could not get it. Manipulated revelation since Swk wanted it. Feel same about Wilford Woodruff. Polygamy should still be practiced Wilford Woodruff wron and we are to still live u tied order. That guy won,t give his name. Now that guy is way out there. Michael Ellis. Of course he didn,t think OD 2 was presented properly as revelation but blacks should of had Priesthood all along.

    Many weird things he teaches, we are to still live United Order, Missionaries are to go without purse or script. He did go on mission. Ther is no revelation in GC since it is not canonized in scripture. We are to tithe on surplus first hen ten percent. Rmn was wrong on dowry in Kenya. Wilford Woodruffs polygamy revelations were wrong we still need to live it.

    Josep Smith and Brigham Young said things that are true today. No real successor when Joseph Smith died. Though Tom and Russell good men not prophets like Joseph Smith or Moses. Anyone can be prophet.

    Satan laughs when children see follow the prophet because he can lead you astray. Watch for that. Planned to cast an opposing vote during solemn assembly since prophet ordained before members had chance to sustain him. Not supposed to.

    Claims we don,t know who followed Joseph Smith. James Strange could be one. Quoted things in Temple though don,t know if he has tr now.

    What makes his interpretation correct? Didn,t see Joseph Smith talk about receiving revelation for someone higher then themselves, or someone condemning brethren while he is righteous us on road to apostasy. Or instructions to Hiram Page were you can,t get revelation for church, or you have to be called and it be known you have authority. As for not being sustained as prophet first. You get opportunity to sustain them when called to Apostleship and several times thereafter. https:.// and https://lds Wacy sites.

    If everyone got revelation o direct the church according to there scriptural interpretations, particularly the church leaders are wrong, would be mass confusion, and God is not the author of confusion. Just people think they know more than who God has asked to lead us.
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