I just purchased it. Wrote it during Cold War. Some things can be creepy. I wonder were he gets some of his information. Conversation with Joseph Smoth someone had does not make church doctrine, some things hard to verify.

Did he do a follow up. While there are many good things that come from prophecies they can rod ice weeds, ten tribes myths and the like. Bob Millett wrote books about going before file leader. Donlt know if there was a post war follow up but some of his things won't come to pass, many based on condition prophecies. Jonah prophecies Ninevah getting destroyed but the people repented.

Easier to follow our current leaders then look to something in journal of discourses someoem supposedly said. Quotes Orson Pratt a lot. Is what he said of more eternal worth than what our prophets said today. Worrying about some prophecy I think can lead people off the mark. Follow living prophets.