I never really followed 5a but Rocky Mountain could be good. May get a few new 5a schools next cycle. 4a Bishop Kelly makes annual trip almost could be good game. 3a beet farmers I would guess would beat a Southern Canyn county team were people live and not chip but his partner.

2a if Jr Simplots alma mater does not win it all big upset. Game I would not mind seeing. 1a doc 1 I thought Little house town would dominate. But David B Haighst alma mater beat them. Them and East Jerome county that should be 2a. David B Haights alma mater did something real chicken shit. We're already in playoffs so played second string second quarter on against whitewater town. Did that for better bracket. I would bet central Idaho Vks upset about that. Put whitewater town in playoffs but worse bracket. Go east Jerome County.


1a div 2 since 2006 only three schools won state championship won.t change this year. East Blaine County running roughshod over everyone. Christian school in town of depth roar picked up some players mid season, that played at Lou Dobbs alma mater last year. We're only to play jv ball but worked strings when Gen Prep got to play there guys from around the world.

Leoghton Vandereshisch school won some championships too. Big ratio of boys to girls. Our school had ball bounce wrong way and injuries keeping us from winning it all. How will Idaho teams fare this year anyone's guess?