So coach vine moved calves that wee weaned then raced side by side home so he could shower, hurried and put a couple corn dogs in microwave, electric rape hit freezer in process as he was hurrying. Didn.t get anything to drink since doctor pepper that morning, thinking while bus stopped so players could stretch at rest area could grab a soda,

Well the people wee loading the soda and candy machine, thought about taking it for free don't, though. Could maybe of had soda at concession of Rocky village south of American Falls, don,t know if there are my stores or restaurants in that town. Waited tell by in Birley for something to drink. Could of gone to
A,erican Falls out of the way.

Bishops nephew and my cousin and our coaches son got in bit of scuffle, he reminded them of a few years ago when we lost to the rocky village, and coaches son and my cousin I think said quit loving in past. He said wait until playoffs. I think he is going to Ricks family good athletes have one son at home still.

Rocky village atarted out good, but we came through and beat them, one player taunted and one got two personal fouls, I think he will be suspended for next game, in town that had frailty isle south of ice caves only playing jv now and indepent, they beat the East Jerome county jv last night.

Rocky village coach grew up in that Vilage moved to California now back to his roots, he was very gracious before the game and after the game very friendly bullshitting with one of our coaches forever, thanked us for filling in when stinky town there indepent jv schedule game fell through. Indian res canceled football this year too.

Stinky town voted for bond maybe school will be better in future.