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    A school without gym won state two years in a row at 1a div 2 in Idaho. They have several f1 players. That is not same as exchange students that can only play for year. Have some good players that could play at Post Falls too natives. State said can,t play in tournaments. They are appealing it, saying violates 14th amendment not letting them play. They are not citizens and have major advantage over rural Idaho High Schools that only have kids living in there district.

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    So the kids are from, like, Eastern Europe or Australia?

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    Findlay Prep is the nation's best "high school" basketball team, routinely. It is often called a basketball team without a school.

    The roster for this past year:

    35 Reggie Chaney F 6'8 2018
    15 Almamy Drame F|G 6'7 2019
    11 Kyler Edwards G 6'4 2018
    2 Dillon Glendenning G 5'10 2018
    3 Roy Jones III G 5'10 2018
    4 Jamie Lewis G 6'4 2018
    22 Nathan Mensah F 6'9 2018
    1 TJ Moss G 6'4 2018
    12 Jack Schweitz G 6'5 2018
    4 Ashton Smith
    24 Connor Vanover C 7'3 2018
    5 Spencer Washington G 6'7 2018

    College Commitments:

    Connor Vanover 2018 Memphis American
    Jack Schwietz 2018 University of Maryland Baltimore County America East
    Kyler Edwards 2018 Texas Tech Big 12
    Nathan Mensah 2018 San Diego State Mountain West
    Reggie Chaney 2018 Arkansas SEC
    Jamie Lewis 2018 Wake Forest ACC

    Rodney Haddix is the Coach. Notice his coaching responsibilities:

    Rodney Haddix is entering his sixth season as a coach with Findlay Prep Basketball Team. Haddix’s responsibilities include recruiting, on floor coaching, player development, and leading the strength and conditioning program. In addition, Haddix serves as a residential living mentor living with the student-athletes. In Haddix's 3 seasons with the Pilots, the Pilots finished 88-10 and twice have advanced to the Final 4 of the National High School Tournament. Haddix coached 3 McDonald’s All-Americans, 3 Jordan Brand All-Americans, 13 division I signees, and 2 first round draft picks in his first three seasons at Findlay Prep. Haddix also assists with the Findlay Prep summer basketball camps. Haddix played for Findlay College Prep in its inaugural season. Haddix played division I basketball for Miami University for 3 seasons. Haddix finished his senior year by playing at NAIA Division I program Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Katy Lied View Post
    So the kids are from, like, Eastern Europe or Australia?
    Most of there international players are from Africa. Pretty tall too. Several years ago a private school in Sun Valley showcased a kid from Senegal were told to forfeit games, couldn,t play in tournament hat kid. Bitched about it after the fact. They usually don,t give a shit about basketball or any sport besides skiing of soccer. Borderline 2a and petition to be div 2 every year for volleyball and basketball.

    The northern Idaho school has an advantage.

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    Now the state budge. Since that chicken shit school was going to court eight members of the board of control said we will let your f1 students come as long as they play jv one year. I gave my two cents on the Idahosports site. Talked about it in cda a couple years ago when they won there first championship. Oh no we donlt recruit and on and on. Bullshit you do. We reavaluate our what we do sometimes. Bullshit there.

    Some of those kids play soccer in public school and football too. Johnny Hillman has a brother that was post falls star. Heard he is arrogant. I donlt know him. Genesis Prep has a major advantage. What can we do for them to make a statement now?

    We played a private Christian school in Twin Falls, one of there kids played varsity at Uncle Ted and Lou Dobbs alma mater and transferred to Christian school. I guess made foind apartment in the town. But you have to vacate and change everything if y want to play. He was supposed to play jv only. However he was playing varsity probably because of what the state did for that chicken shit school. Just got eligible and they blanked us. Now for post season hopefully we can bet the sled dogs than play winner of purple Cowboys on Utah Wyming border or miners in Central Idaho, we already beat them when I made debut as pa announcer.

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