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Thread: My house - like an anchor dragging me down

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    Default My house - like an anchor dragging me down

    We're just days from leaving our California house for good, even though it won't have a new owner until early July. It seems like there is just one thing after another going wrong with it. A week ago the air conditioner worked in the morning, then no longer worked in the afternoon. I called a local HVAC expert and they had to replace a circuit breaker attached to the furnace and a switch related to that.

    It was then heating and cooling okay, but the fan wouldn't turn off. I called the guy to come back out and he discovered an unrelated wire that was loose that happened to now be touching power, which was keeping the fan on. At least that second visit was a lot cheaper than the first one, since he only had to reattach all of the wires properly.

    I needed two plumber visits too, to make sure nothing was leaking.

    I'm just wondering what else is going to go wrong with the house before I can get out from under ownership of it. You can bet we'll be buying the new owners a home warranty so that if anything else dies in the next year of ownership it won't cost them much (if anything) to get it fixed. For as much as they're paying for this house, it's the least we could do.

    I feel like singing this song to my house right now:

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    I think I know what you mean... Early this year we sold our student condo. Within about three months of the sale we had to replace the water heater and dish washer. The stoopid installers messed up both jobs which created leaks. (What the hell? Does not anyone in Provo know how to plumb?) Fortunately the 20 year old A/C unit didn't give up the ghost before the sale closed.
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