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Thread: Asked to do pa for local Hs football

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    I helped coach before, I guess long time pa announcer stepping down. Would not mind doing that, or doing internet broadcast if school got some kind of cube on there to broadcast games. Would be on sideline for road games if I help coaches. Would n mind dong it for basketball too pa announcer whole game. Donlt know h I would do that for volleyball. We are only school in Lincoln County with varsity football this year. Town south of ice caves with frosty isle more football players and no one going out for football borderline 2a, town of stinky cheese factory jv too this year. We had some defectors come to school this way, including descendents of people that started cheesed factory, they moved to another tiger town south of here, got int ad bit of trouble day before we played his home town. Football season shod be good this year.

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    You should totally do this! What fun!

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    I agree you should do it, grape. Sorry to quote myself here, but I posted the following eight years ago about my stint as the announcer at Castro Valley High in the late '60s (the school's coaches took pity on me after I washed out of the B-Ball program):

    At the end of the 60's, cross-town rivals Hayward High and Castro Valley High decided to use student announcers for the first time at their basketball games. The announcers that were selected brought wit, excitement and their mellifluous baritone voices to their respective arenas and the experiment was regarded as a big success.

    Yesterday, Hayward's announcer, Jon Miller, joined Red Barber, Mel Allen, Vin Scully, Harry Caray and others in receiving the Baseball Hall of Fame Ford Frick Award, the highest honor to be bestowed on baseball announcers; Castro Valley's announcer spent the day revising stock purchase agreements...
    As DU Ute advised at the time, one should follow one's dreams...

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    Do it but make sure you take care of yourself first. #1 $x/game #2 Your own bus seat on away games or state rates for mileage reimbursement #3 royalties from any rebroadcast. Also use the chance to get some free team swag.

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