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Thread: Cobra Kai

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surfah View Post
    Season 2 was amazing. I love this show.
    Oh it's out? Hmm. I'll have to squeeze it in between all the other shows I'm bingeing.
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    Season 2 was very fun.
    Spoiler for S3 predictions:

    They established in S1 that Ali was a pediatric surgeon. With her FB friending Johnny as he chucks his phone on the beach at the end, she's got to play a roll in Miguel's recovery in S3. They cranked up the fighting moves to 11 this season. In real life all those kids would be facing expulsion and Robby would be heading to jail. I wonder how they'll side step that. S3 will be Johnny and Daniel teaming up someway to take down Kreese.

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    Default Cobra Kai

    That was straight up badass!! I was worried at first if it could live up to the hype but it far exceeded it. So good!! Damn. Johnny is one of the coolest antihero characters of all time.

    Cannot wait for Season 3.

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    I am watching this show now that it is on Netflix. So fun. Miguel’s 80s-style training montage was classic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCcoug View Post
    Do Youtube originals come with YoutubeTv? I watched it over the weekend and didn't have to subscribe but am a YoutubeTv subscriber.
    Just noticed the show available on YouTube TV last night and watched the entire first season. So much fun. Loved the throwbacks. Love Johnny's character and his perspective on how things went down back in the day.

    Agree (with whoever said it) that Johnny's kid is not entirely likeable.

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