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I think folks don't like Nixon because he isn't great. Right now he is the best option to play alongside Yoeli as our 2nd "big" but that role for him is likely only going to exist as long as it takes Baxter to get some experience and develop. I don't know how long it will take but likely Baxter's minutes will likely continue to increase as time goes by.

I would think that both Harding and Baxter will be starters next year even if everyone returns- which is doubtful unfortunately as I think BYU could be a legitimately good team next year if Yoeli doesn't bolt. A starting 5 of Yoeli, Baxter, Connor, TJ and Hardnett with Emery, Seljaas, Nixon and Lee coming off the bench would be a really good BYU hoops team.
This. Nixon is not great, but he's marginally better than the other options right now. I like tooblue's definition of him as a glue guy. I'm fine with him starting over Worthington. He's at about the same level defensively but is better offensively. Baxter looks to have a lot more natural ability, but is still working through acclimating to D-1 basketball.