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Thread: 2018 - 2019 BYU Hoops

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moliere View Post
    Loved that one. The comments tagging Kuzma were fun, too.

    Here are more stats from Greg:

    "I think it was King Benjamin who said 'you sorry ass shitbags who have no skills that the market values also have an obligation to have the attitude that if one day you do in fact win the PowerBall Lottery that you will then impart of your substance to those without.'"
    - Goatnapper'96

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Lebowski View Post

    Man, this is fun.
    Dear Mr. Lebowski,

    It is with a humble, yet jubilant heart that I make a small request. Long ago when this board was a joint venture between Utes and Cougars, you allowed for a great rivalry tradition. Fans of the winning side of the rivalry were given a moniker for one week that had the winning side's logo adorned with a crown with "winner" printed at the bottom of the picture. Far be it from me to harken back to those days in which we treated our friends from up north with such respect, yet I can't help but wonder if it might be appropriate to resurrect part of that tradition. In order to remain current to our times my suggestion would be, for one week only, change all monikers to the one you are currently using. Such a gesture, especially at the holidays, would mean so much to those of us who starve for something positive with regards to the Cougs (Women's Volleyball not withstanding).

    I humbly ask for this for a friend.



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    This win over Utah makes 13 wins for BYU over the Utes in the last 17 games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueK View Post
    This win over Utah makes 13 wins for BYU over the Utes in the last 17 games.
    All-time record is 131-128.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wapiti View Post
    All-time record is 131-128.
    For most of the rivalry it has been pretty tight. Then there was the mid to late 90s until the early 2000s when the Utes won a bunch in a row and took a lead in the series. Now with the current run of the last 12 years BYU has again overtaken them.

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