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Thread: Time to get serious about a new pizza oven

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moliere View Post
    Anyone have an Ooni? I'd like a pizza oven and love the idea of a wood pellet oven since I already have pellets and looks like it can get over 800 degrees in 15 minutes. Seems like a pain to have to rotate the pizza on your own but I guess that's typical unless you spend more money.
    They seem pretty cool. I donít think rotating would be that big of a deal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Lebowski View Post
    They seem pretty cool. I don’t think rotating would be that big of a deal.
    Yeah. You probably don't need to flip it around more than once. Not that bad.

    The toughest thing is getting it in there when it is still dough if you didn't use enough flower in the dough or didn't put enough cornmeal down to prevent it from sticking. The dough hardens up some by the time you rotate it.

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