Aimed at kids who don't want to go to college, the Junior Basketball Association is going to be funded by the Big Baller Brand. Kids will need to agree to wear the BBB shoes/apparel. Lavar says he will pay kids between $3k and $10k a month, which on average is more than NBA G league players make.

LaVar, according to the report, is planning to pay the “lowest-ranked” player $3,000, and the “best player” $10,000 a month which, if paid out like a G-League salary, would be more than the average G-Leaguer earns. I’m not saying one should question the validity of any claim made by a man who once said he could beat Michael Jordan one-on-one in his prime, I’m just saying that up to $10K a month could mean anything from $1,000 a month to a cameo on the Ball family’s Facebook show.