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Thread: How does one get to be a judge? Any on here?

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    Default How does one get to be a judge? Any on here?

    I know there are several lawyers on here. You obviously have to have a law degree and several years experience paracticing law. Don,t know how many years of law practice are required.

    Is every judge appointed by the state Governer? Or just county and district judges? How does it work to get on the bench? One thng about being a judge is you u can't be swaye by popular opinion. Judges and attorneys know better facts than the public. Of course there re bad judges and desciscions and of course judges read letters of people that know something about circumstances, but can,t base descisons on popular opinion.

    There was case with incident in my community and after judges and prosecutors and defense talked agreed to sentence that pissed off many people, there as a recall for judge and state deputy prosecutor. Of course they found no complaint. It is pretty hard to fire judge I think and most desciscions are not popular, they donlt worry about that though.

    I am sure some judges return to law and quit judgeship, but how many attorneys become judges and wht are the qualifications and rod to get the?

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    The process to become a state judge is particular to each state.

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    Quote Originally Posted by New Mexican Disaster View Post
    The process to become a state judge is particular to each state.
    In Alabama:

    1. Date underage girls
    2. Wear an awesome cowboy hat and vest a la Woody in Toy Story
    3. Ride a horse badly
    4. Praise Jesus, A LOT
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