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    Alright, it's time for the men's season where at least the team still has pipe royalty (I'm assuming Tayler Sander is still considered the king of the pipe). Definitely some questions marks at the beginning of this season. BYU has to replace the following:

    1. Opposite: have to replace both Patch and Dobbert. A big hole here. BYU recruited a couple of opposites. It seems like Gabi Garcia Fernandez has the most buzz, but I don't know anything about him.

    2. One outside hitter: Jake Langlois is gone. It will be interesting to see what Olmstead does here. Storm got the most playing time at OH last season of anybody returning outside of Brendan Sander. Storm's athletic, serves well, and passes well for a BYU OH. He is also undersized and didn't light the world on fire with his hitting last year (but he was also recently returned from one of those mission trip things). Does Olmstead go with Storm, or a bigger OH that maybe complements Sander better?

    3. MB: Grosch. Obviously, Price Jarmin is expected to once again anchor the other MB slot. BYU probably ends up being better here. Miki played a lot as a Freshman, and I though by the end of the season he was a good as Grosch. BYU also brought in Felipe de Brito Ferreira, a 6-9 MB from Brazil.

    Other positions to watch: I think setter. Does Stanley replace Leo?

    Preseason rankings are out. BYU clocks in at #3:

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