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Thread: Men's Volleyball 2018

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    No surprise: 3-0 versus on overmatched Barton team. Did give Olmstead an opportunity to get a lot of subs some playing time. They set Storm a lot, and played Storm and Lincoln together at OHs. At the end Olmstead did sneak in Cyrus Fa'alogo who just got eligible. I hope they give him a lot of reps tomorrow.

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    Disappointing couple of days. Really tough loss tonight: 5 sets and 15-13 in the fifth. I think the short answer is BYU is just not as good as the last few years, and I think UCI is a top 3 team. BYU is probably a 5-6 team.

    Just a few observations:

    1. Growing pains for Garcia the last couple of nights. I think he's going to struggle against teams with really good blockers; UCI is very big. I don't think BYU can rely on him (yet ... he's still young) in the way it did with Patch (he's a better server than Patch and as good of blocker). I just don't think Garcia gets as high as Patch, and I think Patch gave his setters more margin for error.

    2. BYU is more vulnerable to big/good opposites than previous years, and UCI had one (nasty left handed one). Last year Langlois/Sanders were the down the line blockers against an opposite. This year it's Storm/Sanders. Storm just can't give you near as much as Langlois did as a blocker so it's a big drop-off for half of the rotations.

    3. Storm was BYU's best pin hitter against UCI (last points of the 5th set excepted). For the most part he was explosive and consistent both at the pin and the pipe. Storm actually the only pin hitter that's hitting above 0.300 for the season. Of course, you give up a lot in terms of blocking with Storm.

    4. I thought BYU played better with Stanley as setter (well except the very end). The tempo is just a little quicker which I think is needed against elite teams (not sure I see much difference in terms of placement between the two). I don't blame Olmstead for his hesitancy to switch to Stanley (4th set tonight) because Stanley did play poorly against Barton last week (I thought he particularly struggled to set Garcia well against Barton last week ... which is a huge problem for the BYU offense ... and I'm assuming that led to Olmstead not switching earlier).

    5. This year's UCI team reminds me a lot of 2016 BYU team. Even out of system they are dangerous because of their big pin hitters.
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