They originally hired the fiery coach of David B Haights alma mater but he took a job at Walla Walla JC. Elder Collingsworth did a few camps there. They had a few decent bball teams recently. Football different story. I watched them play Lou Dobbs and Uncle Teds alma mater when the house of Dobbs had Josh Pilling and good team. Bk beat Dobbs Schol in semifinals. Cntrversy over there recruitment of Treasure Valley, not near as bad as that chicken shit school in Post Falls. IDHSAA may crack down on them next month. Our local Hs last year only lost to David B Haights alma mater down there. Gave us a game in our tournament, they beg to come to our opening tipoff every year and to that chicken shit of a school in Post Falls state championship. They do have a few international players that state hopefully cracks down on.