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Thread: Home Delivery of Dinner Kits

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    Default Home Delivery of Dinner Kits

    Anyone here tried Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Plated, etc.?

    I've been tempted to try it for several reasons, but mostly since my teenage daughter is really income cooking and baking. MJ isn't exactly a world class cook (she does well but rightfully focuses on other things) so she can't help teach cooking skills. I'm around on weekends and often times we (my daughter and I) cook saturday dinner or sunday breakfast together but it's difficult to plan ahead and have stuff on hand to cook. That's why these home delivery things intrigue me, but they don't have a plan that works.

    I'd be interested in one meal a week for 6-7 people but obviously they don't have anything like that. I guess I could get the two meal plan which together would feed 6-7 people, but I don't want to cook two different dishes on the same night. I may sign up and try HelloFresh for a couple weeks since they are basically giving away the first week. Then I can see how it goes.

    If anything, I'd just like some new recipes in the recipe book
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    Those are stupid and over priced.

    One of favorite cook books that I have got in recent years is Jacques Pepin's "Fast Food My Way".

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