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Thread: Pools? jelly bean or rectangle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donuthole View Post
    Looks great, DS. I love the look of pebbletec, but I hate the feel on my baby-soft feet.
    My 5 year old woke up crying in the middle of the night saying that his toe hurt. I assumed it was from the pebbletec and needing to toughen up the bottom of his feet. He let me look at it when he got home from school. Nope, ingrown nail. So, yay, it looks like Bluegoose is correct for now. But, boo, I dont look forward to digging at that later.

    Quote Originally Posted by old_gregg View Post
    how do people afford this? this would cost $6mm where i live
    As soon as I figure that out, Ill be sure to let you know!

    Quote Originally Posted by bluegoose View Post
    Pebbletec has gotten way better over the years, It used to totally shred my feet, but its super comfortable now.

    Backyard looks awesome, DS. What is going to happen to those 4" spacer lines in the concrete?
    Quote Originally Posted by Donuthole View Post
    My guess: kiddie fence. Actually, as I take a closer look, it's probably a drain.
    Mexican beach pebble. Just felt we needed something simple to break up all the cement.

    Thanks for all the nice comments. I think we had more kids in my backyard after school today than weve had in the two years weve been here combined. And when I left to take my son to diving one of the kids had slipped on the spa, cutting her leg and my wife asked where the super glue was, so...were off to an awesome start!

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    Looks terrific! Wish we had done a small water feature along the side of ours.
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