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Thread: Taking Advantage of the Hurricane Matthew Destruction to Upgrade the Old Manse

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    Have your kids put their hand prints in that driveway before it dries; hurry, quick!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Lebowski View Post
    Looks great.

    You going to do some landscaping when everything is done?
    the plan is to get about four loads of dirt and then hire someone to put in azaleas, dogwoods, and camellias.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wuapinmon View Post
    That one is duty-rated for 375 lbs, and I can now use it!
    I wanted to show my wife pics of your tile, but you've taken everything down
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    Quote Originally Posted by kccougar View Post
    I wanted to show my wife pics of your tile, but you've taken everything down
    Maybe you didn't hear... Hurricane Irma has its sights on the east coast. I bet Wuap has packed everything up and is heading out of town.

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