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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Monstah View Post
    I have a friend in the SF Gay Men’s Choir. I met him on my mission while I served in his family's Ward. His mission (to San Francisco) ended while I was there. He was pretty obviously gay, and he was a great help to us. I had a few classes with him at BYU, and he had changed. Still really gay, but depressed and withdrawn.

    I was happy to connect with him on Facebook. He’s out of the closet, gave up an I-banking job to be a high-end florist. He still goes to church every week so that he can offer support to other gay Mormons.

    This meant a lot to him.
    I think I know that dude. He didn't happen to go to law school, did he?
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    Yeah, he did. Does his last name rhyme with rake?
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