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    Who follows them? Many people participate in them, but don,t watch them. Rodeo is not sanctioned, I know a few people in it. I enjoy watching a good county rodeo. However I never attended any event as boring as a High Schol Rodeo. Sometimes they do the pole bending after roughy stock. What you do is hear the life history of every cowboy and cow girl there before the long and tedious events. I have left some early to do something else.

    Baaeball and softball many got rained out so much of consolation cancelled. Rained in Idaho like crazy. Where not too many 1a schools have it but there championship was this week. Idhsaa has no rule on summer sports between end f May and first of August so Smerican Legion bigger and better. That said I don,t watch it. Would try to get co op if it was requested do. A fourth grader in the Central Idaho Mountaina is a good baseball player by the town that produced Larry Craig. May co op with resort town called McCall or do track in Spring American Legion in summer, Padre is Track coach in town that produced guy that had Peyton Manning touch behind last fall. At bball state he stood for pictures with many people. His Madre taught relative of mine that is good baseball player,

    Track and Field every school has a team though all don,t have a track. Local Schol not great in field events has had some runners. This year one lady made it to state. Her padre a few years ago rolled police car and tragically lost life. He did pull my brother over when he refused to stop cause he wasn,t in police car blm car coming home from triple OT win in territory of dawgs, village south of patriotic town when gravity does job and full of a from kids worst spring nightmare.

    So local school not much luck with track this year. Sled dogs, same mascot as school with no more intercollegiate sports on RC,s neighborhood, Town not far from criteria of moon, and not so Chriatian at times Chriatin school had good showing at state track.

    Winner school in middle of nowhere mining town a thousand miles from nowhere or so it seems. Or were ahead 2nd place commune that had Bo Gritz and followers live there for a while anyway. Not sure if it is final or not.

    I did grade school field day and track in JR high. Not good at it, had no desire to do it in High School, like something to chase myself. But spring sports state championships this week and some good showings in track and field. Smartest school less than 100 kids, had a few good kids showing at state too. Track coach in town that produced Larry Craig and guy that touched Peyton's butt I heard chatted with track coach of smart kids that produced key General Authorities wife and fellow deejay on ricks radio station whose Madre was or is co worker of track coach.

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    Coach Vine can we start calling you Art Briles? Get control bud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cougjunkie View Post
    Coach Vine can we start calling you Art Briles? Get control bud.

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    Why do you think they brought Grape in? He's the new coach who's gonna clean up the program and restore its good reputation. The Bronco to Dietrich's Crowton.
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