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Thread: The 2020 Presidential Election Primary Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueK View Post
    the standard for libel is pretty high in this case because Gabbard as a member of Congress qualifies as a public official. She'd have to prove that Clinton knows for a fact Gabbard is not a Russian asset but said she was anyway. I don't know how you really prove what's in Clinton's head. Then she'd have to show she was damaged by it, which would also be hard to prove since it's getting her favorable publicity on the right and gigs on Fox news.
    Oh brother. I think it is pretty clear Tulsi is doing this to run interference for her buddy Bernie, not because she actually thinks she has a case. Gabbard is persona non grata with the Dem party since she resigned from the DNC in 2016. As long as she stays in, she is the lightning rod for attacks that would otherwise be directed at Bernie.
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    This is a great exchange.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Lebowski View Post
    This is a great exchange.

    That guy is absolutely right.
    LOL... that is going to make for some good memes:

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    Quote Originally Posted by falafel View Post
    You don't really believe that, do you? That this is only about "hurt feelings"?
    What else is it about? Since when do political candidates go around suing their critics? Entitled whiny baby behavior.

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