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Thanks, I hadnt thought of this angle before. I do talk a lot about the Exile, but only to the extent that it provides us with third party confirmation of historicity of the scriptures during this period.

I taught Esther today, and I introduced one thing that I thought might be controversial but came at the tail end of the lesson so nobody much cared: We all know that Esther faced physical danger from going into her husband Xerxes unrequested; he might not stay his guards and she could be killed on the spot. I also suggested that she may have faced spiritual danger as well; as long as she was forced into his harem, she was free from the stain of impurity, especially if you believe the version of her story that Mordecai was her husband as well as her cousin. But once she voluntarily went into the King's chambers, no matter how good her intentions, her actions could subject her to condemnation as an adulteress.
Esther is among my favorite books of the Old Testament - especially the first chapter.