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Thread: The Pulled Pork Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moliere View Post
    DDD hit on it but 16 hours means 16 hours before you actually serve the meat, not 16 hours before you start to hold it in a cooler. At the earliest you should have started it at 11pm the night before and of course wrapping the butt does make a difference. If I go 12 hours on the smoke then I can hold it for 4 hours in the cooler or it if goes 11 hours I can hold it 5 hours in the cooler (I generally won't go above 5 hours of holding time). But you live and learn.

    Anyway, I'm sure the meat will be tasty. I've usually really liked reheated butt as long as I have a decent slaw and sauce to go with it on the bun.
    The meat was a big hit.
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    A kid who works for me posted this on his facebook page. It's from one of the bigger groups we did this summer, but I'm not sure which one. I cropped him out of it, but saved his belt buckle for you.

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