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Thread: Marathon Training Thread

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    I ran the Bank of America Chicago Marathon (gotta support the lead sponsor) last weekend and it's such a well-run event. I've done a Disney race in the past, but that's a different beast and I really enjoyed the standalone event. The course was great and I enjoyed seeing so much of the city. (Admittedly, I didn't know that Wrigley is on the edge of Chicago's version of the Castro District -- I wonder what Harry Caray thought of that?) The crowd support was fantastic and I just love being in a race with thousands of others. The expo was excellent.

    I didn't run the time I wanted to hit and I think one of the main reasons is my poor sleep habit and I need to improve upon that. The Strava app read the course at about 27.4 miles which is ridiculous and it's a long mental battle when the Garmin is buzzing "Mile 6" but the course marker for Mile 6 doesn't come for another half a mile.

    One other interesting item was that the Abbott Labs booth at the expo had footprints on the carpet. The booth host explained that they did some research on elite marathoners and the average stride length for elite males is 5' 10" and for females, it's 5' 3". That's some impressive area that's being covered and I guess I need to listen to old conference talks and lengthen my stride.
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