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Thread: bullying and suicide

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    Someone in dnews talked of how bullying drove a girl to suicide. I wonder if it does or there are other reasons. There is no reason to bully people. But people are still responsible for there own descisions. I think some people threaten or commit suicide to inflict guilt on survivors left behind.

    Granted people who take there lives generally don't have rational thought. Even if someone is picked on in the right frame of mind taking your life is not the answer. And I think there is more than bullying as to why someone takes there life.

    We should not make fun of weird people people we think are werid. But those that have diffrent characteristics do they ever examine why people think they are who they are? Can they change some social habits themselves.

    Don't bully. But don't take your life either.

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    Bumping an old thread.

    I'm sure many of you have seen the video of a young kid in Tennesee talking about how he has been bullied at school. The video is heartbreaking and it has gotten a ton of attention nationally, with celebrities offering the kid trips and appearances, etc. A really nice turn on a sad event.

    But, since everything can't be great, there is evidence now that the mother of the kid is using his new internet fame to ask for money from the celebrities that are reaching out to her to talk to the kid and asking them to share her go-fund me page.

    Now, further evidence that it was not the mother at all asking for money, but someone posing as the mother and scamming people.
    Ain't it like most people, I'm no different. We love to talk on things we don't know about.

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    This was old thread, I would think most Poole that take there lives are mentally ill to begin parents have a nephew that made some unwise choices, knocked girl up twice married her the divorced, but his 15 year old son hung himself. Not in best of circumstances, may have been bullied but funeral full of his wrestling teammates and classmates. I did not attend. Grandmother got killed by Drunk driver last week.

    Funeral program talked about suicide warning signs. Now this is real sick, a few years ago a ten year old kid in our community died playing choking game. He was bullied and some people said it was suicide caused by bullying not choking game accident. Like a ten year old kid would end his life over that, and we are not responsible four our own desciscions.

    They had an axe to grind with community anyway. Anything to make it look bad they did. But that is classless. We don,t know all the reasons for suicide but it's not bullying. Or that is not sle cause though it may not help.

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