Those of you who struggled and busted your collective butts to get through school near the head of the class, only to find your dreams of The Big Bucks shattered on the rocks of student loans, taxes, insurance, regulations, minimal entry-level job prospects, and other expenses take heed.

You could have dropped out of high school, earned a GED, and picked up a parking lot job at MassPort (Logan International in Boston). The parking attendants (or Parking Utility Technicians, as they call themselves) seem to be doing pretty well for themselves.

The top Parking Utility Technician pulled in a whopping $117,000.67 (on a base salary of $54k) last year. I shit you not. It kind of puts into perspective those 15 years you spent excelling in school between Freshman Year in HS and the end of residency for instance.

First a little background. At Logan Airport you CAN NOT pay for your parking at the exit booth. You MUST pay inside the airport prior to leaving. Parking costs $28/day, and now we know why. The job description includes refilling flat tires, jump starting cars, plowing snow, directing traffic, and generally helping people. In all the dozens of times I flew out of Logan, I remember seeing about 5 Parking Utility Technicians. Last year 116 of their 122 employees made over $50k, and 57 made over $75k. Minimum requirements = GED and valid drivers license.

The Parking Utility Attendants are member of Teamsters Local 25, which used to be run by The Winter Hill Gang - Whitey Bulger's gang, as immortalized to some extent in the film Departed. Perhaps this has something to do with their pay grades and overtime, etc.

There are TOLL TAKERS on the turnpikes who make well over $80k. Job benefits include all the sunshine, snowstorms, and vehicle exhaust you can snort. Minimum requirements = GED and ability to count to 5 (on any combination of fingers, toes, appendages).

Donate enough money to a local 'politician' and you too can get the job! Welcome to Mass, the most corrupt state government in the nation.