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Thread: The "did you know this streams on Netflix?" thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaloAltoCougar View Post
    Not sure what the standard is here, but I'd say "probably." There's a little rough language, and one brief sex scene, but Mrs. PAC wasn't bothered. The series is produced by Christian TV moguls Mark Burnett and Roma Downey.
    Great question. She loathes the "F" word, so it's appearance more than once really grates on her. She'll tolerate a steamy scene if the story is compelling enough, or in a context I guess that she enjoys (oh how many times I noted her inconsistency while we watched Poldark, of which she is a big fan).

    I'll go with "probably" and see how it goes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LiveCoug View Post
    I know it's obvs the wrong thread, but was that kid in the spelling bee a few years back? I swear I remember a Green River motel kid being in the bee....
    Yes, he made it to the finals in DC

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigPiney View Post
    That is the Stephen King adaption. It will probably suck even though the book was pretty good.
    I watched first three episodes. Started out very promising, on par with the best of True Detective. After three episodes, I'm starting to lose interest and might not finish because...
    Spoiler for spoiler:
    1. supernatural elements. it started out with a really interesting premise with the jason bateman character seemingly taunting police while having an alibi set up. would have been more interesting if there was naturalistic explanation. supernatural for me is just meh, usually. 2. Jason Bateman's killed off in the second episode

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