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Thread: The "did you know this streams on Netflix?" thread

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    "My Octopus Teacher". We really enjoyed it. I think it would be a transcendent moment if a wild octopus were to recognize and interact with me over the course of a year. But hey, I'm a softie. I kind of got emotional watching the mother octopus tending her eggs at Monterey Bay Aquarium, finding out that she was going to die soon.
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    "You are an intemperate, unscientific poster who makes light of very serious matters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PaloAltoCougar View Post
    The Trial of the Chicago 7 was released today and I had to watch it immediately, and not just because I'll be watching something else this evening. I remember the trial and surrounding events very well and the movie was immensely entertaining for me and the missus, who got a little choked up by the end. Great cast, including Eddie Redmayne, Mark Rylance, Joseph Gordon Leavitt, Sacha Baron Cohen, Frank Langella, Jeremy Strong (Succession), and Michael Keaton, in a very brief but excellent role. And an Aaron Sorkin script which, for better and worse, results in great dialogue too good at times to be true. The movie misses some key events, and invents others (including the rather maudlin finish), but I think it's true to the overall spirit of the time. Given the many parallels between 1968-9 and 2020, I think it's a must-see.
    I watched this tonight. I was not familiar with the story before hand. Really enjoyed the movie (with the exception of Redmayne's terrible accent work). Some of the embellishments were over the top and clearly agenda-driven, but that's Sorkin for you. I enjoy most of what Sorkin does, but it always has to be taken with a few grains of salt. I actually think it detracts from the message a little as it is so obviously fictionalized at time. I would love to watch a documentary of what really happened.
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