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Thread: Time to get serious about a new smoker.

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    In the YS1500 the smoker you got a few months back?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Lebowski View Post
    So I did my first of 2-3 big batches of pulled pork for the upcoming wedding. 14 butts. That was a ton of work. Doing a repeat sometime this week.

    We are processing the cooked pork by pulling it, putting it into bags (1 butt per bag) and then vacuum sealing and freezing. Gearing up for this, I was worried about the vacuum sealing part. We have always struggled when vacuum sealing pork. The juice/grease gets sucked up to the top and then it is very difficult to get a good seal. Sometimes pushing down on the lid to increase pressure on the seal does the trick, but it is a huge PITA. We have resorted to putting the bags in the freezer for a while before sealing but that kind of defeats whole hurry-and-seal-before-it-oxidizes logic. And sometimes we lose track of time. And in this case we are talking very large quantities of meat in large bags.

    So in light of this, I did some research into getting a commercial grade vacuum sealer (I have a Food Saver model). I did a ton of research. Prices go all the way up to $1300 bucks or so (yikes) and some of them use positive pressure instead of a vacuum. In the end I opted for this one (see image below).

    Cost = $239 so more than a typical consumer model, but cheaper than most heavy duty models. New company with one product, but the reviews were great. We have been using it for a few weeks, but the big batch of pork was the real test and this little baby came through like a champ. Did the sealing while the meat was hot and juicy and not a single bad seal. It has strong suction, a wide seal, manual pulse and seal mode, and you can select the number of seconds on the seal (default = 4). Fantastic sealer.
    Sounds like a good purchase. How does it keep from sucking a bunch of juice out the way the food saver does?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kccougar View Post
    Sounds like a good purchase. How does it keep from sucking a bunch of juice out the way the food saver does?
    By the time the juices are coming out the air is gone and you can seal. Hasnít seemed to be a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Monstah View Post
    In the YS1500 the smoker you got a few months back?

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