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Thread: Time to get serious about a new smoker.

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    I have a Cabela's brand pellet smoker. And I'd say reviews are mixed, right now. I ended up with the Cabela's because it was on some outrageous sale price and I had some "points" - all of which made the thing super inexpensive all things considered. I have the 24" Pro Series model.

    Cons: the auger broke and the control panel went out all within the first 3-4 months. They were back-ordered, so it took a month or so to get the parts. When I did, they were free. But it was a pain in the arse to take the thing apart and put the new parts in. Hated it.

    The dumb thing has a window. Sounds great, no? How long do you think you can run smoke in the thing before the window is dirty and you can't see a darn thing? If you guessed an hour or two - you'd be correct. I suppose it might show a flame flare up if it happened. But the window is worthless for actually seeing what's cooking inside.

    It's got a sear plate to put a crust on steaks and the like that opens and closes by swinging a lever. Unless you've used it to cook something - then there's enough drippings on it that there's no way it's going to swing open. And it's small enough that if you really want to sear something, you're doing one burger or steak at a time. Honestly - I think it's about as useful as the window.

    Pros: When it's working, there is a lot to like.

    It seems to have a much larger hopper than most grills I see. I can fill it once and do more than one cook. I've never ever worried about the pellets running out in the middle of the night while I'm asleep.

    It has a dump chute if you want to change out pellets. Which is really nice if you don't want to be scooping everything out to swap - or if you happen to need to empty it to replace the auger.

    It has a little spot in the back where you can hook up a shop vac to suck out the ash dust after it's cooled. It isn't a thorough cleaning - but it's a nice feature for between cleanings.

    I like the size of it. As I said earlier in the pulled pork thread - I got the 4 largest shoulders I could find at Costco on it all at the same time. It's more of a square/deep grill than a long and narrow one, so they took the 4 corners. You said you won't ever cook that much - there are smaller models, or you might want a larger area to cook pizza. You never know.

    It's got slots for 2 plug in meat probs, which I also like. They seem to be relatively accurate, though I use the digital to confirm now and then.

    Apparently the Costco pellet grills are made by Dansons - who also makes the Louisiana Grills and Pit Boss pellet smokers. So I'm guessing quality and features would be similar.

    They aren't particularly heavy duty - like a yoder. If price didn't matter to me, I'd probably consider one of those. But after getting the auger and control panel fixed, I'm happy enough with the one I've got.

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