jake Trotter finally comes around. The groundswell is happening!


Jake Trotter: I'm not a huge fan of any of the available options at the moment. But my first call would be to BYU. I know many Big 12 leaders wouldn't feel the same. BYU rubbed the Big 12 the wrong way when the two sides discussed possible inclusion a few years ago. That said, BYU brings the most to the table, both in terms of football tradition and fanbase. Adding BYU would also expand the conference's footprint into another state. Sure, BYU would be a proximity nightmare. And the Cougars have proven to be high maintenance. But they have a quality program (just ask Texas and Oklahoma, both of whom BYU has vanquished in recent years). And on a list of not-so-great options, BYU stands out.
Interesting how it is no longer a private secret that both sides met the first time around. What is now at issue is whether BYU annoyed someone (neinas says no, everyone else, including common sense, says yes).